Acne Spots Treatment

The First Step

First Cleanse Your Skin

The first step is simply to cleanse your skin. You do this to remove the excess oil which in people with acne can be quite substantial. You should do this morning and night. It cleanses the skin so that the treatment cream (I'll show you that later) is free to work on the skin without a barrier of oil between it and the spots.
Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Normal to Oily Skin - 8 fl oz

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Normal to Oily Skin - 8 fl oz

This stuff is cheap, and according to my dermatologist is the very best cleanser. It doesn't have any treatment in it, it is simply the first step before applying the treatment. You don't want to cleanse your face with a cleanser with treatment in as it would overdry the skin if used in addition to the treatment below.

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Step 2: Treatment

Benzac Cream

This cream is the second step in the treatment that my doctor recommended. Benzac cream (again a cheap but highly effective cream that you can buy at the pharmacy) comes in three strengths, 2.5%, 5% and 10%. According to my dermatologist you should start on the 2.5% or 5% to let your skin adjust as the 10% is too strong to start with, and your skin would just become dry. We started with the 2.5%, using that for a ten days. During this time my daughters skin improved, but it didn't improve dramatically, so we decided to move up to 5% strength. At this point we stopped using the 2.5% as it wasn't strong enough for her skin.
After 2 weeks at 5% strength my daughters skin was much, much better. The spots on her chin and cheeks were about 80-90% better, however she was still self conscious as she had a few red spots still on her forehead. Because of this we went out and bought the 10% cream. I used this on her forehead only, continuing to put the 5% on her chin and cheeks. About a week - ten days into this her skin was about 99% clear and has stayed that way since. She did get some very dry patches of skin when she first started using this, but as her skin adjusted they have settled down. Keep reading for the final step....
Peroxide Benzac 2.5% Benzoyl (60g.)

Peroxide Benzac 2.5% Benzoyl (60g.)

For mild to moderate spots start with this cream. For some people it's enough. I would also start with this cream for younger people being treated ( my daughter was only just 12 when we started with this)

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Peroxide Benzac 5% Benzoyl (60g.)

Peroxide Benzac 5% Benzoyl (60g.)

If your skin is pretty oily or you have moderate to severe spots or acne start with this cream.

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Benzac Ac Gel 10% 50g

Benzac Ac Gel 10% 50g

This is the strongest version of Benzac cream and according to my dermatologist you should never start with this one, you should use the 2.5 or 5% versions and move up to this one if necessary. We use this one only on my daughter's forehead, and the 5% on her cheeks and chin

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Be careful! Benzac cream bleaches fabric! My daughter has destroyed two bath towels by bleaching them. Make sure not to rub the cream on clothes or other fabrics.

Final Step- Moisturise

Yep, really! Even acne prone skin needs moisture

Click image to view

Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Moisturizer

This regime takes all the oil from your skin (and the spots too, hurrah!) but can leave your skin feeling very dry and flaky if you aren't careful, especially at first. The dermatologist therefore told me to use this moisturiser from cetaphil. Luckily it is very cheap and oil free. We have found it makes a real difference in stopping dry and red patches when using the Benzac cream. (Incidentally, he told me that this is just as good as any moisturiser you'll buy anywhere so I use it now too!)

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30, 4 Fluid Ounce

Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer SPF 30, 4 Fluid Ounce

This moisturiser is especially designed for acne prone skin so won't cause you to have further breakouts. We have found that it really helps stop the dryness that you can get from the Benzac cream.

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We found that this treatment doesn't work overnight, it takes around six weeks to get really clear skin. It's worth the wait though!

More Information About Acne and Teenage Spots

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A great article all about acne and how to get rid of it.
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acne spots treatment

Over The Counter Acne Treatments

Nowadays, there are plenty of acne treatments available on the market that claim to work in the fight against acne. To name just a few of those acne treatments that work, you will find prescription medications, herbal treatments, and over-the-counter treatments. But you should not believe all that is advertised, because several of these said acne treatments that work may not be as good as they claim to be and may cause undesirable side effects. Therefore, never start an acne treatment before consulting a health care professional for proper guidance. Some clinically proven acne treatments that work to combat acne are: 1) Accutane 2) Salicylic acid 3) Benzoyl peroxide 4) Tea tree oil 5) Green tea cream Accutane, also known as the miracle drug, is the best prescription medication that works in neutralizing the bacteria found on acne. It is a chemical derivative of vitamin A. Accutane is particularly used in the treatment of severe cystic acne. This is a powerful medication that should not be taken lightly. Although it may be an acne treatment that works, the side effects are not negligible. Accutane may cause birth defects. Salicylic acid is an over-the-counter acne treatment that works by ridding the top skin layer of dead skin cells. It also opens the plugged follicles and helps the skin to renew itself, reducing the risk of pore blockade and breakout. Salicylic acid is a mild acid that acts as a keratolytic agent. This treatment is considered safe and effective for treating patients of most skin types suffering from mild acne, oily skin, textural changes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. However, it may cause mild skin dryness and a mild skin irritation, but nothing that cannot be alleviated by applying a light oil-free moisturizer Benzoyl peroxide is an over-the-counter acne treatment that works by eliminating the acne-causing bacteria lodged in the skin. It is affordable and considered almost as effective as some prescription acne treatments. However, benzoyl peroxide may cause skin irritation in the first couple of weeks and even seem like your acne is getting worse, but be patient and you will see your condition improve within 4 to 6 weeks. Tea tree oil is an herbal acne treatment that works just as effectively as 5% benzoyl peroxide. The tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the native Australian tea tree plant (Melaleuca Alternafolia). It is applied topically and inhibits the growth of fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Green tea cream is an herbal acne treatment that works just as effectively as a 4% benzoyl peroxide solution. Just like the tea tree oil, this cream may be considered an effective herbal alternative to traditional prescription medications. Herbal acne treatments that work have the advantage of causing much less side effects and of being less harmful than prescription drugs. Those are basically the clinically proven acne treatments that work. So, if you're suffering from acne, try any one of these treatments. But keep in mind; don't try any particular treatment without having discussed with a health care professional first.

over the counter acne treatments

How Do I Know If My Baby Has Eczema

Eczema refers to skin inflammation that leads to roughness and redness of the skin. The skin turns scaly and dry, causing a lot of itchiness and discomfort. At times, it swells and forms small bumps all over which may bleed and ooze out.It usually takes place among infants who are around two to three months of age. The areas of the skin that get the most affected by this condition include the scalp, forehead and face of the child, chest, and areas around the joints, elbows and behind the knees. Due to the uneasiness that is caused, the baby may face great difficulty while falling asleep and spending a peaceful night.Seeing your baby weep with pain and distress would not be a pleasant sight, which is why treatment becomes important.The onset of eczema can be rooted in the genes of the child that is if other people in the family have suffered from skin conditions similar to this in nature; your child will have more chances of acquiring it too. It takes place due to the over-sensitivity of the baby s immune system, which makes it react to environmental stimuli which are of no harm.This skin condition robs all the moisture away from the infant s skins leaving it scaly and itchy. Thus, the simplest treatment for it is to provide that moisture back to the skin, so it gets back to the normal level. You can work on it by applying lotion to the baby s skin or oiling it regularly. Your doctor may prescribe lotions that are especially formulated for this purpose.After you start regularly moisturizing their skins for four or five times in one day, you can take steps to give them a bath with lukewarm water and not water that is too hot. This helps as lukewarm water helps to retain the skin s moisture.Do not go for a soap that is used by everyone. You should choose baby soap as they are softer on the infant s skin. Furthermore, pat your baby s skin instead of rubbing it over. This again helps in restoring the natural oils in their skin.

how do i know if my baby has eczema

Itchy Skin Conditions

One amongst the creepiest feelings related to menopause, without a doubt, is skin crawling. In fact, during menopause, a range of skin/nerve related conditions might be experienced, including itchy or dry skin, tingling feelings, and skin sensitivity. These conditions are all normal, but there are also a number of treatments accessible for menopausal girls who are experiencing pain or problems with their skin.Flashback for a flash--probably around the time you were in middle school. Whether you were a member of the cheerleading squad or you spent most of it slow within the library matters not; most ladies this age battle a common downside: acne. It is no coincidences that this trouble starts to occur round the time girls initial begin menstruating. When this begins, the hormones during a young woman's body are rapidly changing, and the skin reacts in a somewhat negative way.Hormone levels in an adult girl's body are no different. As menopause begins, your skin reacts to the changing levels in your body, and also the results will be sometimes unpleasant.The prickly crawling feeling that many women expertise is termed formication. Women sometimes expertise this one to 2 years when their last amount and during the tip of perimenopause and the start of menopause. Whereas doctors are still largely unsure of its cause, formication goes away on its own in a relatively short period of your time for most women. Many speculate that the cause of this is often an overworked, hot liver, which happens when your hormones are changing rapidly, as they are at the onset of menopause.But, itchy, dry, sensitive skin will last a lot of longer and become painful if it goes untreated. For treatment, see a dermatologist. Typically times, the identical remedies that worked when you were a teenager also work currently--moisturizing your skin, laundry sensitive areas like your face very gently and with special washes, using prescription acne medications, laundry your pillowcases usually, and using less oily makeup.Not like formication and sensitive skin, tingling in the extremities would possibly be a cause to worry. Though many menopausal girls expertise tingling in their feet, hands, legs, and arms, they can additionally be signs of additional serious issues, like diabetes, vitamin deficiency, depletion of calcium, depletion of potassium, or blood vessel/circulation problems. Be safe--invariably see a doctor if you expertise the tingling for an expended period of time.Seeing a doctor is simply your best bet in the top for any sort of menopausal downside, skin connected or not. He or she will be able to recommend a number of treatment options, as well as medication, natural remedies, therapy, diet change, exercise programs, and alternative treatment options.Testing for menopause is difficult--your hormones during this time period modification rapidly from usual--but what doctors will do is rule out any different medical reasons for the skin issues you are experiencing.Typically menopause will be confused with the onset of a significant disease or disorder, therefore if you have any doubts in your mind, talk to a health care professional concerning your crawling, dry, itchy, or tingling skin sensations.

itchy skin conditions

Rash On Hands

slender hands clenched, and my heart is full of regret.
"Water child, if hee bridesmaids love it?" Red wedding sounded very sad looking forward clasped the hand of affection for the bride asked.
"Dress, ivory flower girl dresses never." Wedding faint smile, mother of the bride a touch of bitter mouth smile.
"That's not love, mother of the bride dresses do not think the." Dial a call wedding red hair gentle forehead said. This wedding is just quietly staring red.
"Cried makeup bridesmaid bridesmaids spent watching carefully to become the world's ugliest bride." Red things while holding make-up makeup for the wedding, mother of the groom dresses while she grumbles jokingly said.
Looking at the lovely red appearance, the wedding could not help laughing.
"Bridesmaid or a laugh, good-looking and more." Laughed looking at the wedding, red suddenly relieved.
"Boom - boom -." At this point the door was gently sounded, red make-up put down the things that immediately covered with red lid for the wedding, went to open the door, I saw a has been with Xuan Hao body in the cloud next to a little girl holding a bowl of soup came in. Speaking of infiltration, "said the Princess, the white girl is hard given the way So tired, and special soup called slaves sent over."
"Oh, I see." Took the soup into the red on the table, that girl will not stay out of the room.
Put that red soup, walked in front of the wedding, wedding hijab was about to set off again to end to the wedding to drink soup, a cold voice sounded in the wedding room "toxic soup, do not drink."
Red at first surprised, then wary look around and cautiously asked, "Who are the bridesmaids? Bridesmaid to what this purpose."
In red Carter, a teenager dressed in black slowly fell in front of red, red really shocked, almost spilled the soup on hand out.
I like red bell-like big eyes, her body will be that black people looked at some, that black people body cold, Xiangmaotangtang. One pair of eyes shot Hanxing, two bending and muddy as painting. Pear blossom wedding poisoning
Dance 15:44:05 2010 -10-9 Number: 1784, "said the soup of toxic bridesmaid, bridesmaids kidding ah." Grumbles red glare of a black man.
I saw the black man turned toward the wedding knees, respectfully said, "wedding girl, princes gave orders, and your dress is now the owner, dress bridesmaids drinking purpose is to help protect the bridesmaids, so please care for their bridesmaids."

rash on hands

Pimples At 30 Years Old

How Old Is That Barn?

Eric Sloane's book is the one you want

Eric Sloane's An Age of Barns: An Illustrated Review of Classic Barn Styles and Construction

Eric Sloane's An Age of Barns: An Illustrated Review of Classic Barn Styles and Construction

by Eric Sloane

It is a masterpiece for learning about old barn designs and also construction techniques. Barns have become our family passion. An old barn from Maine, the parts, is to be reconstructed and made into our home outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. My son is salvaging two old structures here in Nova move to a different location. Our 250 year old farm house on the ocean has a spectacular old barn!

Eric Sloane has clearly directed our way. Many others who appreciate these spectacular old heritage structures need his book! Whether you want to just page through and look at old barns- or recreate and salvage the buildings- this is IT! (review from Amazon)

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Supplies and Info to Help with a Barn Project

Rescue an old barn

Watercolor of Barn Cupola print
Watercolor of Barn Cupola by alyciakeating

Need lighting for your old barn? How about getting a feasibility study done or having someone dismantle and reassemble the barn? Check out the resources I've found for this.

The Original Barn Light: Rustic Lighting, Sign Lighting, Wall Sconces, Pendant Lighting, Chandeliers, RLM, Warehouse Lights, Ceiling Fans |
Made in the USA source for wall sconces, pendant lighting, sign lighting, ceiling fans, chandeliers and The Original Barn Light. BarnLightElectric has many lighting styles; barn lighting, rustic lighting, country, cabin and lodge styles.
The Barn People
Vintage Barns Dismantled and Reassembled - Feasibility Studies - Consulting - Restoration - Preservation
The site includes: Barns Explained, Inventory, Dismantling, Restoration, Reassembly, Completed Projects, Photo Galleries
Michigan Barn Preservation Network - Rehabilitation of agricultural, commercial, residential, and public barns.
Barns are economic resources and symbols of our agriculture heritage. They are attractive images on the landscape. The Michigan Barn Preservation Network is committed to rehabilitation of barns for agricultural, commercial, residential, and public uses.
John High, The Barnsaver
Recycling Barns Since 1990

Books about Restoring Barns on Amazon

Available from Amazon

The Barn print
The Barn by bubbasbunkhouse

Living Barns: How to Find And Restore a Barn of Your Own (Schiffer Books)

Living Barns: How to Find And Restore a Barn of Your Own (Schiffer Books)

by Ernest E. Burden

An inspiring guide for adaptive restoration, including a survey of the types of barns found across the United States and advice for salvaging barn timber and moving structures. A stunning selection of residential and commercial projects -barns transformed into homes, studios, offices, churches, community centers, theaters, art centers, motor lodges, and the like, are shown. (publisher's description)

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Renovating Barns, Sheds & Outbuildings

Renovating Barns, Sheds & Outbuildings

by Nick Engler

It's easy to say that this is the best book on renovating barns - it's the only one that I know of. But, this book is very, very good. I'm lucky enough to be able to spend much of my time designing new barns and helping clients restore old ones. I'm amazed and embarrassed by how much I learned from this book. Nick Engler presents a good primer on barn design, and then goes to work, explaining in detail how to repair each and every common problem with old barns. If your barn is leaning, if the stone foundation is buckled, if your pole-barn posts are rotting, if your timbers have splintered, if your roof sways, you'll learn what to do to fix the problem and to keep it from happening again. (review by Donald Berg)

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Old Barns in the New World: Reconstructing History

Old Barns in the New World: Reconstructing History

by Richard W. Babcock, Lauren R. Stevens

The author has thirty years of personal experience with hands-on restoration of dozens of barns. (Midwest Book Review)

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Barn: The Art of a Working Building

Barn: The Art of a Working Building

by David Larkin, Elric Endersby, Alexander Greenwood

Endersby and fellow authors, using an intelligent combination of pictures, drawings, and text to successfully depict both finished buildings and structural detail, have written the definitive book on barns. They trace the lineage of American barns from their European roots in a lively, readable, informative format. In addition to it's functional qualities, the book is quite handsome, a stunning addition to the library of anyone who likes barns. Quite simply, this is the best book on barns I have ever seen. (review by James Justice)

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Barn: Preservation & Adaptation The Evolution of a Vernacular Icon

Barn: Preservation & Adaptation The Evolution of a Vernacular Icon

by Elric Endersby, Alexander Greenwood
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Recognizing Different Barn Styles

Book available from Amazon

The Old Barn Book: A Field Guide to North American Barns & Other Farm Structures

The Old Barn Book: A Field Guide to North American Barns & Other Farm Structures

by Allen G. Noble, Richard K. Cleek

If you are looking for accurate information on a style of barn and where it may be located this is the book for you. (excerpt from an Amazon review)

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More Field Guides to Old Barns and Barn Architecture

Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings (Library of New England)

Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings (Library of New England)

by Thomas Durant Visser
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The Pennsylvania Barn: Its Origin, Evolution, and Distribution in North America (Creating the North American Landscape)

The Pennsylvania Barn: Its Origin, Evolution, and Distribution in North America (Creating the North American Landscape)

by Robert F. Ensminger
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Have You Heard of Barn Quilts?

Read about how this kind of tourism helps an area

In Sac County, Iowa, many vintage barns are ornamented with a brightly-painted barn quilt. The idea was to call attention to the annual quilt show, but draws many tourists to the area to see the old barns and their displayed art piece.

The idea is catching on in quite a few areas. Here are links to some locales where you can view barn quilts.

Barn Tote bag
Barn Tote by naturecrossings

The Barn Quilts of Sac County Iowa
Barn quilts are large, colorful 8-foot square wooden blocks. mounted on barns or cribs that are at least 50 years old.
"Way Back When" Barn Quilts
Now you can fill those open spaces on your barn, house, or even in your garden with the age-old art of hand painted barn quilt squares!

Barn quilts are outdoor art. They are painted to withstand Mother Nature's seasonal elements. Each quilt is one-of-a-kind, hand painted just for you!

Green County Barn Quilts
Barn quilts to tour in Green County, Wisconsin.
Barn Quilt Capital of Iowa-Washington County Iowa
Barn Quilts of Washington County Iowa

Donate Here to Help Save Old Barns

Vintage Barn in Southern Maine (photo by Virginia Allain)

Vintage Barn and Truck Photo

Old Truck and Barn

Photographic Print">Old Truck and Barn

Photographic Print

Photographic Print">Davidson, James

Buy at

See a Barn Restoration Project Video

Barn Restoration
by IowaPublicTelevision | video info

17 ratings | 14,730 views

Too often, America s fertile fields succumb to development and disappear forever along with the rustic barns that once dotted the rural landscape. Increasingly though, landowners are investing time and money in hopes of saving the iconic structures. View more video from Iowa Public Television at our website:

  • Too often, America s fertile fields succumb to development and disappear forever along with the ru
automatically generated by YouTube

More Links to Help with Your Restoration

of an old barn

Mail Pouch barn postcard
Mail Pouch barn by deemac1

More web pages to help with restoring, dismantling and researching your aging barn.

Old barns - identifying, restoring, fixing & remodeling
Old barns - identifying, preserving, fixing and remodeling - plus personal memories from the This Old House site.
Restoring Your Barn - Questions to Ask before Starting
This helps you sort through some questions and get your thinking straight before starting.
How to Determine the Age of Wood Beams in a Barn |
If you're planning to demolish an old barn, possibly because it has become unstable and unsafe or possibly because you need the acreage for another purpose, you might be faced with a requirement to document the barn, its materials and its age to satisfy a local preservation ordinance. Even if you are not planning to demolish the barn and are simply doing research into local history or seeking more information on your own property, determining the age of the wooden beams will tell you much about the structure's history.

More Helpful Sites for Saving Old Barns

Subscribe to the Barn Journal or Other Magazines about Barns

Check out the web page which has useful information.
The Barn Journal
Dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of traditional farm architecture
Magazine :: Iowa Barn Foundation
The Iowa Barn Foundation is dedicated to preserving Iowa's rural agricultural buildings by giving barn tours and raising money.
The BARN Again Program
This is a project put together by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Successful Farming magazine. Check out the advice they offer.

You Can Make a Barn Poster

Using Zazzle and Sell It Online

This can be a way to raise funds for your barn restoration. Make posters, mugs, tote bags, cards, etc. on Zazzle (a print-on-demand site). It costs nothing to put your photo on lots of products which are featured online. You don't have to handle the sales, the products, or the shipping. Zazzle takes care of all that and you get a commission from each item sold.

  • Red Barn in Long Grass

    Red Barn in Snow

    Red Barn Window

    Red Barn in Wheat Field

  • You can put your own photos on products at Zazzle or Cafe Press to sell online. The sites offer mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and many other products. There is no charge to you, just sign up and add your photos or artwork.

    Promote the products to locals and tourists, perhaps with a flyer at the chamber of commerce. They can go to the online site to buy a mug or poster with your barn on it. You get a commission for each sale.

    Click on any product to go to Zazzle for more details on joining the site

Help for Old Barns

A State-by-State Listing

Barn Help - State Lists

The Old Barn- postcard postcard
The Old Barn- postcard by MrNoble
Browse other Barn Postcards

More to Come

As I find more resources, I'll add them here. This listing is not complete.

Be sure to look at adjacent states for some barn specialist that may be useful to you.


Resources for Saving a Barn in Connecticut

New England Valley Farm postcard
New England Valley Farm by ElaineOriginals
Browse Farm Postcards

Historic Barn Grants | Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation
What is the Barns Grant: an historic preservation technical assistance and granting program of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, with funding from the Connecticut General Assembly.
Historic Barns of Connecticut (a blog)
Check this blog now and then to see if there is any news of funding. Better yet, subscribe to the blog to get regular updates from it.


Resources to Save a Barn in Indiana

Red Barn in Northern Indiana stamp
Red Barn in Northern Indiana by Mamajo3304

Indiana Landmarks - Rural Preservation
Each year, Indiana Landmarks's Rural Preservation Council honors Hoosiers who show exemplary stewardship of historic agricultural landmarks.
Indiana Landmarks - Grants and Loans
Preserving historic landmarks requires research, restoration skills, commitment, enthusiasm-and money. Indiana Landmarks designed our grant and loan programs to help local preservation organizations save and restore historic places. We keep the paperwork to a minimum, and in most programs we welcome applications as needs arise.


Resources for Saving a Barn in Iowa

Barn & Cornfield-NE Iowa card
Barn & Cornfield-NE Iowa by simplynaturecards

Iowa Barn Savers
Barn Savers find, inspect, preserve, disassemble and assist in transporting antique barns located in NE Iowa to your location - incorporate a piece of American History into your life.
The Iowa Barn Foundation
Iowa Barn Foundation Web site. Find information about barn preservation and restoration, awards of distinction, matching grants, tax incentives, and farm conservancy.


Resources for Saving a Barn in Kansas

Flint Hills Barn poster print
Flint Hills Barn poster by MAPASUE
View other Barn Posters

Kansas Barn Alliance
Welcome to the home page of the Kansas Barn Alliance, Inc., a Kansas not-for-profit organized in 2006 to discover, memorialize and preserve the story of rural Kansas, especially barns.
Find Funding, Kansas State Historical Society
Grants and Incentives
Heritage Trust Fund (HTF)
Competitive grant program for projects on national and state register-listed buildings
Tax Credits
Federal and State income tax credits for rehabilitating historic buildings
Historic Preservation Fund (HPF)
Schamber Historic Preservation, LLC
Saving an old building from the wrecking ball gives us great satisfaction. We have consulted with the Kansas State Historical Society and its' architects on many historical sites in Kansas and worked on five of the states' 17 historical sites.


Resources to Save Old Barns in Maryland

Maryland Farm Note Card card
Maryland Farm Note Card by phipix

Preservation Maryland
Southern Maryland Tobacco Barn Initiative
The initiative, which will be administered by Preservation Maryland, attempts to comprehensively address the threats facing tobacco barns through funding, public policy, outreach and education, survey, and information sharing.
Barn Restoration and Structural Repair
Barn Restoration and Structural Repair


Resources for Saving a Barn in Massachusetts

Motif #1-Rockport Massachusetts-Stamp stamp
Motif #1-Rockport Massachusetts-Stamp by loving4021

Old Barn Restoration and Repair Company
Providing Old Home Restoration and Colonial Barn Restoration including Timber Frame Repairs, Sill Replacement, Structural Repairs and Consulting.
George Yonnone
POB 482
Great Barrington,
MA 01230
Colonial Barn Restoration - Timber Frame Specialists
The company specializes in the New England area with these services: General Contracting, Barn Restoration, Barn Conversions, Foundation Repair, Steeple Restoration, Building Moving, and more.

New York

Resources for Saving a Barn in New York State

East Meredith card
East Meredith by candidcanine

New York State Barn Coalition
New York State Barn Restoration and Preservation Grant Program


Resources for Saving a Barn in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Postcard postcard
Pennsylvania Postcard by RickDouglas

John High, The Barnsaver (Pennsylvania)
RECLAIMING HISTORY FOR AMERICA'S FUTURE:Recycling Barns Since 1990 - Lots of useful information
"A Pennsylvania lawmaker proposes state grants to provide owners with half the costs of restoring pre-1880 barns. The bill by Rep. Mark Keller would establish a grant program to be managed by the state Historical and Museum Commission. More news will be posted as we hear it"
18th Century Restorations, Inc.
Located in Pottstown, PA.
Historic Barn & Farm Foundation of Pennsylvania
Barn Survey


Resources for Saving a Barn in Texas

barn stamp
barn by Ramsden
See more Barn Postage

Heritage Barns
At Heritage Barns we locate, document, dismantle, and restore fine, 18th and 19th century barns and timber-frame homes for reuse as unique historic residences, offices and work places. We make custom doors, flooring, staircases, trusses and millwork out of antique lumber.


Resources for Saving a Barn in Vermont

Long sleeve barn saving t-shirt shirt
Long sleeve barn saving t-shirt by jhill7777

Vermont Division For Historic Preservation - Financing Assistance, Barn Grants
The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation has had a 50/50 matching grants program to assist owners of historic agricultural buildings (barns, corn cribs, sheds, grist mills, etc.) since 1991.
Welcome To Barn People - We LOVE Barns!
We're glad you dropped by The Barn People. We've been dismantling, restoring and reassembling vintage Vermont barns for over thirty five years.
Vermont Barn Census
Click Here to see some of the barns we've mapped! A Project of the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, University of Vermont Historic Preservati


Resources for Saving a Barn in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Sand Cranes- postcard postcard
Wisconsin Sand Cranes- postcard by MrNoble

Wisconsin's Historic Buildings of the Wisconsin Historical Society
On this site you can find information on Wisconsin's historic barns, information on proper rehabilitation techniques for historic barns, information about financial assistance available to barn owners, and links to organizations that assist barn owners.
Save a Barn books
Wisconsin Barns
Copies ordered here will be signed by the authors. Take a tour of the Barns of Wisconsin with photographer Ernest J. Schweit and writer Nancy Schumm-Burgess. The 80 page book features 107 photos of Wisconsins treasures, and history and facts about

National Resources and Programs for Barns

Federal Tax Credits for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings - Barns
PDF file from the National Park Service
When the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Successful Farming magazine launched BARN AGAIN! in 1987, historic barns were considered doomed. Obsolete for modern farming needs and too expensive to maintain as family heirlooms, old barns appeared destined to be preserved only in photographs
National Barn Alliance
The National Barn Alliance is a nation-wide, non-profit organization coordinating these efforts to save America's Historic Barns. Our members are farmers and city dwellers, students, historical groups, timberframers, and lots of people who just love Barns.
A research tool and directory of resources for historic preservation and cultural resource preservation. Links to grants and funding for historic preservation.

Campbell's Soup & Old Barns

and other programs to help old barns

I love Soup heart T-Shirt postcard
I love Soup heart T-Shirt by funnycustomtshirts

Campbell's Soup Barn Restoration Project
Together We Can Make Good Things Grow - Go to to vote (from 10/1/09 to 1/5/10) for the barn you'd like for us to preserve. We'll donate (up to 0,000) to the National FFA Organization as part of our ongoing commitment. This year we will restore five more barns and ...
Restoring old barns: Restoring old barns
The Barn Again! program has spiked a renewed interest in preserving the character of rural America by encouraging people to renovate their existing barns instead of building new structures. National Trust for Historic Preservation

Books on Finding and Applying for Grants

to save an old barn

You can borrow books like these from the public library. Ask to see their grant directories. Usually these are in the reference section or the library may subscribe to an online grants and foundation directory.

The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets

The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets

by Ellen Karsh, Arlen Sue Fox
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Grantseeker's Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Funding (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance, and Management)

Grantseeker's Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Funding (Wiley Nonprofit Law, Finance, and Management)

by Cheryl Carter New, James Aaron Quick
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Please add a note in the comment section if you know of foundations, grants, government aid, or other resources for saving a barn.

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Barn print
Barn by rbrausey
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Success Stories

Barns That Have Been Saved

Barns Saved and Repurposed- Success Stories

Read about others who've succeeded in restoring their barn and see how they did it.

success mug mug
success mug by cseslar

Willow Decor: Historic Barn Restoration
What do you do with an old, dilapidated barn? The rear of this barn had actually collapsed and had to be rebuilt.
This Old House Magazine - How To Take One Old Barn and Call It Home
Of course, one of the biggest draws of old barns is the lofty space they offer, dwarfing even the largest rooms in conventional homes.

Barn Restoration - Success Stories

Barn Restoration News Articles Colonial Barn Restoration - Timber Frame Specialists
Barn Restoration News Articles Colonial Barn Restoration specializes in restoring timer frame barns including copulas, roofs, sills, and structural work.
Barn Restoration
Barn Restoration Out buildings Farm Building Antique Tractor History Tires Farmall Farm Tractors Hay Balers ,Hay Wagons,Farm Wagons
Trillium Dell-Barn Restoration
Trillium Dell Timberworks dismantled, restored, and re-erected this c. 1870 barn multipurpose barn onto a new bank foundation at a new location. The barn was an early "scientific barn."

Rescued Barns and Other Unusual Conversions

Book available from Amazon

Postcard, Leyson barn postcard
Postcard, Leyson barn by webstertiums

Rescued buildings: The art of living in former schoolhouses, skating rinks, fire stations, churches, barns, summer camps, and cabooses

Rescued buildings: The art of living in former schoolhouses, skating rinks, fire stations, churches, barns, summer camps, and cabooses

by Roland Jacopetti
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See One Barn Restored

FFA & Campbell's Old Hickory Barn Restoration -
by tnhomeandfarm | video info

1 rating | 1,372 views

The National FFA Organization teamed with Campbell's Soup to restore a historic barn in Old Hickory, Tennessee, on a century farm once owned by Andrew Jackson. Read article:

curated content from YouTube

People Who Are Saving a Barn

Their Story

Saving the Family Barn
Years of neglect had finally taken its toll on the family barn. For quite some time the barn itself was of little use. It had rotted away and powder post beetles had weakened floor beams in all but one bay The roof was leaking, broken and missing windows and doors all indicated that the barn was doomed. (click on the title to read the rest of this account)
A Barn Raising Experience (Michigan)
Click the images below to see larger photographs with captions. Five years ago, my husband and I bought a
farmhouse and dilapidated barn in Homer, Michigan. The house, not more than a shack, needed immediate attention.
Project to Save a Barn in West Ft Bend County, Texas
Look at what this project is trying to do and how they are working to preserve a barn.

Lost Barns

Barns That Didn't Get Saved

Lost Barns

It's sad to see barns torn down for a new development. Sometimes they collapse under the weight of heavy snow in northern areas. Many a barn burns to the ground with no fire department nearby. Some barns get torn down for the weathered barn board and the timber beams. Whatever the reason, many barns disappear from the American landscape every year.

If you see an old barn, take a photo of it. It may be gone the next time you go that way.

Wooden Timbers mousepad
Wooden Timbers by PatriciaIsbell

Sad News of Historic Barns Torn Down

End of the Day postcard
End of the Day by GPatrickColvin

Historic Cedar Falls barn demolished last week -
Central Iowa News from The Times Republican, the source for news, sports and information on Marshalltown and Central Iowa.
Historic Southborough barn demolished today - Southborough, MA
"It's no longer in use, it's rotting, the roof is leaking and it's now become a liability," Jericho Hill Road resident Dave Johnson said yesterday.

More News of Barns Collapsing

Barn stamp
Barn by teguzco
Browse more Barn Postage

Outlook Farm owners file suit in barn collapse
A lawsuit filed Thursday has Bradford and Erin Morse seeking more than 0,000 in damages from David D. Parker Structural Restoration. The Brattleboro, Vt., company was in the process of rebuilding the historic structure when it collapsed in February.
Wind Causes Further Collapse of Round Barn
Strong winds Thursday may have finished off what Mother Nature began last month on a century-old round barn on Saginaw Road south of Joplin.

Fundraising Ideas

for Old Barns

Fundraising Ideas to Save Old Barns

Make a calendar to sell as a fundraiser.

2012 Iowa Barns Calendar

Kansas Barns Calendar 2013

2013 Barn Quilts Wall Calendar

Carolina Country 2013 Calendar

Vermont Artists Give a Barn a Boost in Painting Marathon
Last week, as part of a project Evans initiated called Artists for Barns, he and 16 artists from around New England set up their easels on the Milstones' property and got to work painting the barn. That is, pictures of the barn.

Make a Video to Solicit Donations to Save a Barn

The first YouTube video is a wonderful example of this. Possibly you could get Kickstarter funding for your old barn. Take a look at the Kickstarter Basic FAQs to see how it might work for you.
Barn Stars (BRTC Kickstarter 2012)
by BRTCloggers | video info

0 ratings | 111 views

BRTC is trying to renovate an old barn as a new clogging space. Working together with another nonprofit, the hope to raise 0,000 to repurpose the barn for heritage education.

  • BRTC is trying to renovate an old barn as a new clogging space.  Working together with another nonpr
  • How 3 year old Kickstarter is helping to save a 100 year old barn.
  • GOULDSBORO   May 7th Darthia Farm lost its 153-year-old barn, as well as dozens of animals and equ
curated content from YouTube

Getting Local Help for an Old Barn

In this news story, a local rescue team practices shoring up a building to prevent collapsing. This provided a valuable service to a barn owner while giving the firefighters some experience.
Bucks rescue task force preserves historic barn while practicing simulated disaster - Morning Call
Firefighters and other members of a specialized rescue team from Bucks County were in Hilltown Township practicing how to save a building from collapsing. And by it, they were saving history.

A Worthy Charity

Modest Needs Donate Now

Dedicated to helping people with unexpected financial emergencies. Modest Needs work to stop the cycle of poverty BEFORE it starts for the low-income workers whom conventional philanthropy has forgotten.

We at Squidoo passionately believe in creating new ways to support good causes online. By making a donation to Modest Needs from this page, you are sending money directly to that organization, in whatever amount you want. We don't touch it. We don't even see it. The author of this page doesn't either. And if you made it this far, thanks for caring.


Christmas and Old Barns

Decorate Your Barn for the Holidays

Barns at Christmas

Sled on red postcard
Sled on red by GoldsmithGallery

Get Ideas for Decorating the Barn for Christmas

Christmas Joy card
Christmas Joy by Incatneato

Christmas Trimmings card
Christmas Trimmings by Incatneato

Decorate a Barn for Christmas
Many barns have a headstart on looking Christmasy as red is such a popular barn color. Adding some greenery and some lights will make your barn stand out and put your neighbors and passersby in the holiday spirit. Sure it isn't easy decorating something as...
Best Holiday Decorations for the Barn: Bringing the Holidays to the Horses
Who says that the barn doesn't need some holiday cheer? There are plenty of safe, equine-friendly holiday decorations for the barn that will enliven everyone's spirits.
Decorating a Rural Home for Christmas - Associated Content
Decorating a farm for the holidays, including suggestions for decorating the barn.
Decorating a Horse Barn for Christmas
Decorating a Horse Barn for Christmas. We have a huge boarding barn (for horse). We want to decorate for the holidays. We have 8 rather huge posts kind of like hitching posts that we decorate for every season and we are stumped for Christmas. They are about 2 to 3 feet round and 4 to 5 feet high. An
MaryJanesFarm Farmgirl Connection - Decorating your barn
Some good suggestions on this forum, including a wreath made of barbed wire and Christmas lights.
Christmas Decorations?? - Baywind Farm Horse Forum
Christmas Decorations?? Horse General Interest

Barn Themed Christmas Postage Stamps

Peace On Earth Snowy Barn stamp
Peace On Earth Snowy Barn by freespiritdesigns

pimples at 30 years old

Atopic Dermatitis In Infants

The most common form of eczema, atopic dermatitis, occurs among small children and infants. In over 90 percent of cases, eczema is seen to occur in children below 5 years old. There are many available home remedies for eczema. These include prescription drugs, dietary changes, and herbal remedies.

If digestion is poor, make a tea of dandelion and milk thistle. These herbs will offer support to the digestive system by aiding the liver and kidneys. Poor digestion and the subsequent accumulation of waste in the body can be one of the root causes of eczema. Increase your Vitamin C intake. Many do not realize that Vitamin C is the best form of natural anti-histamine for your body. It can be as simple as taking an extra orange or grapefruit. Going for natural Vitamin C is best. However, if you need to supplement, make sure it is from organic sources. Your body knows the difference between organic and synthetic vitamin C.

Eugenol, the principal constituent of cloves, has also demonstrated the ability to impair the pathway of pathway of leukotriene synthesis by inhibiting 5-lipoxygenase and leukotriene-C4 at receptor sites.

A natural home remedy effective in controlling eczema is spearmint leaf juice. Grind spearmint in a mortar and pestle to make a paste. You can then apply this paste directly to the affected skin or the paste can be diluted with water. Coconut oil is also used in treating eczema. In its purest form, coconut oil has moisturizing properties that helps prevent the irritation from spreading and prevent the skin from cracking. Simply add this oil to the affected areas and get immediate relief.

Another viable tip on creating the best natural remedy for your skin problem is through using gentle and healing oils. Most patients however experience worsening their skin issues due to artificial colorings, chemicals and fragrances in common and commercial skin products. Ensuring your skin is constantly moisturized with a gentle and nonirritating moisturizer is essential. Avoidance of extreme fluctuations of weather and humidity can help ward off flare ups. Trying to keep your life low stress is also helpful. Certain ingredients in detergents and soaps can worsen the symptoms so be sure to avoid any triggers you find.

Using unperfumed moisturizers: If you are able to keep your skin moist and supple then you are less likely to have skin itching, swelling and burning. Using a good quality unperfumed moisturizer at least twice a day can have great impact on your skin in order to reduce your skin burning and swelling.

atopic dermatitis in infants

2 Year Old Scratching Skin

Scratching is a common symptom in dogs, and a whole range of underlying causes can be responsible. If your dog is scratching, it is advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible, as self trauma can cause secondary injuries that may extend the duration, and cost, of treatment. So, if you have noticed your dog scratching, what should you do about it? Firstly, ask yourself when was the last time I put anti-flea medication on him/her? Most spot-on flea products only provide protection for a month, so if it has been longer than this then you should re-apply the medication. Be aware that anti-flea products that are on sale in supermarkets and pet shops are general sales list products, and are not as effective as the products available from your veterinarian. However, Frontline has recently been made available on general sale and so can be purchased without a prescription. If flea treatment is up to date, with a reputable product, the next step is to rule out mites. Most anti-flea products do not kill mites. The most common type of mite infection in dogs is sarcoptic mange, also known as scabies. This mite causes an intensely itchy dermatitis that can also be transmitted to humans. It is often spread by foxes, so if you have many foxes in your area, this is one to be especially aware of. This is one you have to approach your veterinarian for. Scabies is diagnosed either by doing skin scrapes (using a scalpel blade to scrape debris from one of the affected areas, placing it on a microscope slide, staining it and examining it under a microscope) or via a blood test. Many vets though will choose to simply apply the appropriate drug and if the itchiness stops, a presumptive diagnosis is made. If your dog does have scabies, your vet might give a one off steroid injection to alleviate the itchiness in the short term until the anti-parasitic drug kicks in. If external parasites have been ruled out, the next step is to rule out a bacterial infection, a yeast infection or ringworm. Of these, only ringworm is potentially transmissible to humans. Ringworm is not actually a worm, but a type of fungus. It is usually tested for by examining the affected area with an ultraviolet light, which causes a certain type of ringworm spore to glow green. If ringworm is diagnosed, your vet will dispense either oral or topical medication to cure it. Bacterial infections are treated with a 2-3 week course of antibiotics, whereas yeast infections are usually treated with a medicated shampoo. If parasites, bacteria, yeasts and ringworm have all been ruled out then your pet probably has an allergy. This could be a food allergy, a contact allergy or an environmental (e.g. pollen) allergy. For further information on allergies in dogs, see my next article: "The Itchy Dog: is it an Allergy?"

2 year old scratching skin

Itchy Skin Allergies

A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology discovered a link between itchy skin, irritated eyes, and headaches with certain types of pollution.

French researchers studied the airs nitrogen dioxide, small particulate matter and ozone levels in urban areas surrounding Bordeaux. Bordeaux is an area in France where pollution levels are usually slightly higher than the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). The research team collected medical case reports from SOS Medicins, a public health-care network that makes emergency house calls. They concentrated on the number of visits that are related to complaints of respiratory problems including tonsillitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, asthma, bronchitis, or cough, as well as conjunctivitis, skin rash, headaches and asthenia, a conditioned characterized by general feelings of weakness that are usually the result of allergies.

The researchers noted a 1.5 percent and 2.6 percent increase in the number of visits for upper and lower respiratory diseases respectively, a few days after particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide levels rose.

But what is most telling is the increase in doctor visits for other disease. On days when particulate matter was highest, visits for skin rash or conjunctivitis increased by 3.2 percent, while headaches and asthenia rose 3.5 percent.

When ozone levels rose, visits for skin rash or conjunctivitis increased by 3 percent, and 1.7 percent for headaches and asthenia.

Increased levels of nitrogen oxide caused a 2.8 percent increase in visits for headaches and weakness.

We know that air pollution affects the heart and lungs. But, these slight effects of air pollution on human health will likely affect more of us as it worsens.

Once you start looking at the entire body, we start to realize this is not as benign as we think, says Neil Kao, MD, an allergist at the Allergic Disease and Asthma Center in Greenville, SC, and a fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Its not just bad for your heartits bad for everything.

Whereas allergy to pollen can trigger obvious reactions like sneezing, the subtle impact of pollution may not be evident immediately. Kao recommends staying indoors during sunny-but-polluted days. As much as I promote a healthy, happy lifestyle with lots of exercise, he says, there are certain days just cant reset your immune system.

If polluted air is affecting your health, here are some things you can do to avoid it:

Check the air forecast stay on top of high-hazard air pollution days.
Stay indoors staying inside your home helps, but only if the air inside is less polluted than the air outside. Air washers, filters and the like, can help rid the air of particulate matters. However, they are useless against nitrogen oxide, ozone and other harmful gasses. So on days when pollution levels are particularly high, keep you windows shut; and on days when the air is clearer, let your home air out to decrease indoor toxins.

Wear a mask breathing through masks with an N-95 rating can help cut help lower pollution-related headaches. Wearing protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses when outdoors will keep particulate matter off our skin and out of your eyes.

itchy skin allergies